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ICAO sample test

Part 1: Interview

(approximately 10 minutes)

In this section, you are interviewed on work-related and general topics concerning aviation.
(e.g.Why is taking the ICAO English exam important? How do you deal with stress in aviation?)

Part 2: Emergency situation

(approximately 6 minutes)

In this task, you will be given a scenario of an unusual or emergency situation. You are required to give a briefing explaining the nature of the scenario, what can happen and how it may be effectively managed.

Part 3: Listening Comprehension of Short Messages

(approximately 4 minutes)

You will hear 8 short aviation-related recordings of non-routine and emergency situations. After each recording, there will be a pause for you to tell us what you understand about the situation. You do not have to repeat the message word for word. If you need to hear the message again, please ask. You can only hear the message 2 times. You are not allowed to take notes during this part of the exam.

audio 1:

audio 2:

audio 3:

audio 4:

audio 5:

audio 6:

audio 7:

audio 8:

Part 4: Listening Comprehension of a Pilot-Controller Dialogue and Phraseology

(approximately 6 minutes)

You will listen to an aviation-related recording. Try to report what the recording is about in as much detail as possible. If you need to hear the recording again, please ask. You can only hear the recording 2 times. After you finish your report, you will be asked to explain certain aviation standard words and phrases used in the recording. You can use your own words to describe the phrases. You are allowed to take notes during this part of the exam.


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